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The Bevo badge are in very good condition.

Original WWII German TENO sleeve badge (Technical Emergency Corps) on high quality (BeVo) silk weave.

Brief History: The German Technical Emergency Corps (TENO) was formed on September 30, 1919, to assist the population during times of crisis and disaster resulting from natural catastrophies. It functioned under the pre-Nazi Weimar Republic as a society of technical volunteers who were called to duty in the event of a public disaster. The Corps provided essential services during emergencies with its personnel being highly trained in fire fighting, decontamination, etc. TENO men were distributed throughout the cities, industrial centers, and major traffic hubs for the repair and maintainence of public utilities. The Nazis realized the potential value of the TENO and reorganized the Corps in 1939 as one of the main party formations under the auspices of the German Police. The commander of the TENO prior to World War II was SS Gruppenfuehrer Schmelcher. Subsequently, he was placed in charge of technical affairs of the SS and was succeeded by SS Gruppenfuehrer Weinreich. The services of the Corps were required extensively after the outbreak of the war in army rear areas and occupied territories, thus freeing army engineers and personnel for other tasks. During the conduct of the war the TENO became an almost integral part of the Waffen SS.

WWII German TENO Sleeve Badge#166

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