US Militaria

 War Treasure

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1.  1918 "W. R. Hearst Civilian Rifle Teams" Marked on Reverse, "Dodge inc. Chicago" sterling

             2.  German WWII Pair of slip ons with medal "198" infantry div. to go over shoulder boards $25

              3.  Very old silver " Harley  Davidson Motor Cycles" in logo, very worn $60.00

4.  German WWII Pair of shoulder boards devised for promotion to officer as seen in the "Brian L. Davis book, "German Army Uniforms & Insignia 1933-1945" page 33, plate 51 & 52, i. 14 anwarter, pr. $25.00

5.  US WWI Army collar dog screw ack w/"T" $15

6.  US Viet Nam" combat medic breast pin $10.00

7.  US pre civil war, to WWII Military Musicians cap button ea. $5.00

8.  WWI Italian Army sleeve or breast (on cammo. or AK shirt) rank insignia $25.00

9.  German WWII Tropical pari newly appointed NCO for field promotion (Davis book- refer to #4 plate 50 page 33. These are the AK Type $25.00

10.  German Army WWII pari slip on shoulder strap with no. 7 in medal on field grey. $20.00

11 German Army WWII pari "137" infantry $25.00

12.  German Army WWII Pair "2" $20.00

13.  German Army WWII pari "535" infantry $25.00

14.  German Army WWII pari "12 of 48" $25.00

15.  WWII Italian paratrooper collar tabs pari $85.00 see Davis Book referto  #4 platepage 33.

16.  WWII Italian collar Tabs $65.00

17.  WWII polish cap insignia 2 pieces silver $45.00

18.  WWII German Army pair "2 of 37"  see description of 10-14 $25.00

19.  Same as #4 but sewn on field grey wool $25.00

20.  Same as #4 but sewn on fkeld grey wool $25.00

21.  same as #11 "24" but for officers shoulder boards $25.00

22. Same as #11 88 but for officers shoulder boards $25.00

no 23

no 24

no 25.
26.  Same as #10 but "17"  $25.00

27.  Same as #12 $25

28.  Same as #21 but "24" $25.00

29.  Same as # 19 and 20  $25.00

30.  same as #14.  but "11 of 155" $25.00

31.  Same as #7 but  "Fu 46" $25.00

32.  Hitler head pin "one people one reich" $10.00

33.  WWI US dog Tag "Aero Sq 94" "P. ushe" $40.00

34.  Early 1950's  W. german cigarrette light with map of Germany $50.00

35.  Hitler youth motor personal $20.00

no 36

37.  WWII Australia Cap Badge $15.00

38.  WWII German Luftwaffe (Air Force) winged gulls for luft collar tabs ea.  $5.00

39.  WWII German Medical, ober fieldwebel - senior seargent pr. $45.00

40.  East German Tank Crew are specialty patch $10.00

41 WWII Italian Army  Chevron $10.00

42.  German joing the flingstort club in frankfurt $25.00

43.  Strategic air command westover air force badge "officers open mess" book of matches $15.00

no 44

45.  German WWII Luftwaffe chevron "obergefreiter" on Luft. Blue wool $25.00

no 46 or 47

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