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We respect the privacy of all web site visitors to the extent permitted by law. This online privacy statement is intended to inform you of the ways in which our web site collects information, the uses to which that information will be put, and the ways in which we will protect any information you choose to provide us.

There are four types of information that this site may collect during your visit: network traffic logs, web visit logs, cookies, and information voluntarily provided by you.

Network Traffic Logs:
In the course of ensuring network security and consistent service for all users, this website employs software programs to do such things as monitor network traffic, identify unauthorized access or access to nonpublic information, detect computer viruses and other software that might damage this website or the network it resides on, and monitor and tune the performance of this website's network. In the course of such monitoring, these programs may detect such information as e-mail headers, addresses from network packets, and other information. Information from these activities is used only for the purpose of maintaining the security and performance of this website's networks and computer systems. Personally identifiable information from these activities is not released to external parties without your consent unless required by law.

Web Visit Logs:
This web site routinely collects and stores information from our online visitors to help manage the site and improve service. This information includes the pages visited on the site, the date and time of the visit, the internet address (URL or IP address) of the referring site, the domain name and IP address from which the access occurred, the version of browser used, the capabilities of the browser, and search terms used on our search engines. This site makes no attempt to identify individual visitors from this information: any personally identifiable information is not released to external parties without your consent unless required by law.

Browser Cookies:
Cookies are pieces of information stored by your web browser on behalf of a web site and returned to the web site on request. This site may use cookies for two purposes: to carry data about your current session at the site from one web page to the next, and to identify you to the site between visits. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you may turn them off in your browser, or may set your browser to ask you before accepting a new cookie. Some pages may not function properly if the cookies are turned off. Unless otherwise notified on this site, we will not store data, other than for these two purposes, in cookies. Cookies remain on your computer, and accordingly we neither store cookies on our computers nor forward them to any external parties. Unless otherwise notified on this site, we do not use cookies to track your movement among different web sites and do not exchange cookies with other entities.

Information Voluntarily Provided by You:
In the course of using our web site, you may choose to provide us with information to help us serve your needs. For example, you may send us electronic mail from our 'Contact Us' page to request information, you may sign up for a mailing list, or you may send us your address so we may send you more information. Any personally identifiable information you send us will be used only for the purpose indicated. We will not sell, exchange or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information without your consent, except to the extent required by law. We do not retain the information longer than necessary for normal operations. Each web page requesting information discloses the purpose of that information. If you do not wish to have the information used in that manner, you are not required to provide it. Please contact us with questions or concerns on the use of personally identifiable information.

This web site may provide links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. We do not control these sites and resources, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for their availability, content, or delivery of services. In particular, external sites are not bound by this website's online Privacy policy. They may have their own policies or none at all. Often you can tell you are leaving this web site by noting the URL of the destination site.

If you have questions about our online privacy policy please contact us.

Jim Howland

Phone.. 909-594-6197

War Treasure
PO Box 3012
Dana Point, CA 92629

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War Treasure