WWII Era British Palestinian Police Overalls for use in PalestineWWIISanta Ana Army Air Base Pillow CoverSantaWWll H B T USMC CapWWllVietNam Era hatsVietNamGerman army SocksGermanWWll German Ether canWWll
WWII German canteenWWIIWWI Imperial German Pickelhaube HelmetWWIFormer East German (DDR) AK-47 Ammo Pouches quantity: 2 (SOLD IN PAIRS)FormerWWII Spanish Helmet CoverWWIIGerman Army Bread BagGermanItem InfoItem
WWI Imperial German Pickelhaube HelmetWWIGerman WWII arme bands priced each.Germanwwll army & ss , German Mess Kit StrapwwllGerman Uniform Polished ButtonGermanUS Railway - 1900-1940 Brakeman Conductor's USWWII British Paratrooper helmet ChinstrapWWII
Item Info Prices and details laterItemGerman WWII Erma - Macschinenpistole MPEnone workingGermanwwll German officers Map casewwllWWII German battle dressingWWIIWWll German combat Field DressingWWllWWII German Bicycle Tool PouchWWII
WWII German MG 34/42 basket magazine rackWWIIWWII German Compass in issue box w/multi page booklet on instructionsWWIIGerman WW2 Pilots badge GermanWAFFEN-SS, Unial Cooking LadelWAFFEN-SS,Goggles - French used by GermansGogglesWWII German Afrikakorps Mauser 98 K Tropical Bayonet FrogWWII
Army Air Corps winter flight Pants SuspendersArmyfrench WWI & WWII combat Y straps (suspenders)frenchBritish WWI Musette Bag Strap with all heavy brass fittingsBritishMP28 ManualMP28USMC Chin StrapUSMCBundeswehr Helmet CoverBundeswehr
wwll German D-ring adaptors to attach to D ring Y straps to field packwwllGerman WWII Waffen Ol (oil) for issue with the 98-k cleining kitGermanUS Army Axe and Combat CoverUSWWII Italian Sahariana German usedWWIIFrench ww11 Tool and Cleaning PackFrenchSS Style Shelter QuarterSS
WWII Italian Canvas Brief CaseW/ large Luftwaffe eagle stencled on.WWIIHarley Davidson Motorcycle Commemorative of its military serviceHarleyU.S.A.F. 19 50 's-60's pilots flight helmet linerU.S.A.F.WWII German Army Breadbag StrapWWIIWWII Japanese Army Lightweight CapWWIIMarine Model 1904 ManualMarine
WWII German Tan Water Pattern SmockWWIIMauser Model 71/84 Infantry GewehrMauserY strapsY1910 - 1945 British Railways Peaked Cap191098K Bayonet Frog98KWWI/WWII Springfield & M1 Garand Cartridge BeltWWI/WWII
WWll German Mess Kit StrapWWllWaffen SS German cammo Shelter QuarterWaffenGerman Field Telephone Carrying Strap - RAREGermanWWII German Gefreiter Insignia BundleWWIIWWII German Fallshirmjager gravity knife lanyardWWIIMoscow, Russia Harley Davidson T-shirt CMoscow,